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Why can't I record a voice over myself?

Well, you can. Many people do. However, they are not getting the absolute best out of an important and creative piece of work. If you're working on a media campaign, then the 'voice' is what can sell your product or service. The right tone, the right feel - it all goes towards the make or break when a customer feels they can trust your company. Or not.

Get a professional voice

A professional voice over artist is trained, sometimes with many years of experience to hone that talent. You know what they say - practice makes perfect! Although David Attenborough probably never saw himself as a 'good voice', you have to admit that when you listen to his voice you are truly drawn in and really listen to what he's saying.

The remarkable things with voice over artists are that we are all unique. Like actors, we have our strengths. And that gives you the chance to listen through various promos and hear us all talk. Then you'll get that feeling, that 'vibe' as to what fits your product or service.

Give it a try - you won't regret signing up with a professional voice over artist!

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