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the best voice for audiobook narration

narrating a published book

Audio books, like podcasts, are becoming increasingly popular. One of the greatest attributes of audio is that people can listen and still carry on with their day to day work.

Pop your headphones on, carry on with your shopping or your gym practice, and hear the latest audio book.

Not only will this liven up the dullest moments in your day, but also will bring a new take on a favourite book. But only if the narration is done well. Have a listen to an excerpt from an audio book I recorded:

Image by Kari Shea
Audio book: literate, character
Image by Kimberly Farmer

audio books come alive

Bringing your book to life as an audiobook is no mean feat! More than most voiceover or narration work, an audio book takes time to record and edit.

Time well spent, though. My narration for your audiobook can open your book up to a whole new audience.

How often have we said "I haven't got time to read that"? The huge popularity of audiobooks, both for purchase and available at local libraries, is one channel you cannot afford to miss out on. Have a listen to this excerpt I recorded for an audio book:

Audi book: Star Trek Picard
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