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I have clients from all over the world, recording voice overs and narration for them via my audio studio.

I’ve put together a non-exhaustive list of my services that will give you an idea of what I can produce for you:

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my voiceover services

what are your requirements?

​As I am a scriptwriter, I also provide a writing service.
This includes:

  • Voiceover copy writing

  • Proof reading of scripts translated from other languages

​scriptwriting for you

services & studio

my equipment

my studio

professional sound studio

I have a sound-proofed audio studio which comprises a top quality vocal booth, together with Blue Yeti X and RØDE NT-1 microphones to ensure consistently high quality recordings every time.

​professional editing

I can edit recordings with Adobe Audition and provide clean audio files in a variety of formats to suit you, including .mp3 and .wav.


For remote direction and/or recording I can offer Skype, Cleanfeed, WhatsApp, BlueJeans and Zoom.

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