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the best voice for explainer videos

the ultimate how-to video

Explainer videos are becoming much more common, as the digital world advances a pace. That speed can mean colleagues or customers feel left behind, and not sure what this or that really means.​

Creating an explainer video not only helps your customers or colleagues, it can ensure that their trust in you as a helpful organisation increases.

Although the voice narrating an explainer video is not necessarily at the forefront of the viewer’s mind, a poorly narrated video can significantly detract from the viewing experience and even cause greater confusion.

what needs to be in an explainer video?

One of best ways to find out if you need to invest in an explainer video is to ask - ask your colleagues or customers what they are getting stuck on. They will be honest and revealing, and often turn in suggestions that you might have never thought of.

Planning the journey through a difficult concept is essential. Keep it simple, keep in limited to one subject and keep it up to date. 

Creating the voice over script can influence what images you will need. Do you need straight forward images or will you have to invest in video or animation? (Powerpoint is very useful in creating animations for explainer videos!)

Image by Markus Winkler
Image by Maxim Ilyahov

Here is an example of an explainer video

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