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Remember reel to reel recorders?

(That's a lot of 'r's in that title!) I remember my first ever reel to reel recorder. My uncle, for some reason, had an old one and was going to bin it. Fascinated by this strange machine, I asked if I could have it and he handed it over to me. I had an idea what it did, but it needed to be played with to find out what made it tick. Being a young boy, I didn't have any means to get the actual tape. Now this bit is going to sound strange but stay with me. I pinched a large roll of Sellotape and pulled out a huge length of the tape. I did it again and stuck the two bits together. Grabbing a pair of scissors, I then cut it length ways to get an approximate width of real tape. Threading it through the recorder, I was so proud of my effort. Yes, we all know it wouldn't actually record, but the point was that I could get those reels to spin and the 'tape' to move. Looking back, I probably gave the recording heads a damn good clean with that tape! Have you got a story about those reel to reel recorders?

Vintage 'record from home'!

Amazing advert from goodness knows when. Do you ever remember this, or something similar?

What is an explainer video?

And why is it important to your business? We're all online these days. From ordering goods to writing emails, from looking after our business to looking after our finances, we do so much online. And with all that online prescence it's more important than ever to get a good marketing strategy in place that fits with that convenience. You'll have seen so many businesses using video as one great way to promote themselves - on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, SnapChat and their own personal websites. Videos are an excellent way for businesses to show their brands and services. One such video type is the 'explainer' where the short online marketing video explains products and services. Creating a video is a bit of an art form though, to get it just right! Video content - the visuals - are very important, but the audio quality is just as crucial. The voice over actor has to reflect and enhance the personality of your business - bringing it to life. A great voice over will fit with your marketing message, keeping it aligned. Why is this important? Well, it all goes a long way to boost return on investment. Sales and growth increase, quarterly reports look healthy. People don't spent that long on websites any longer. Gone are the days when all the web was a novelty and a casual read has now turned into a race to find that phrase that will convince that shopper to stop. Did you know the average time spent browsing a web page is only 15 seconds?
Proof to build sales When it comes to proof, you only need to turn marketing research which shows emphatically that a professionally produced Explainer Video will give positive results. They will improve your SEO rating and therefore your online presence - they are more likely to appear in a search engine. And on the first page. They can increase conversion rates by up to 63% when placed on your website homepage. They can decrease bounce rate because they encourage the viewing of the video They can improve click rate - emails with videos are more likely to be opened.
These improvements can increase your brand presence with your audience and help build new clients.
And that voice is your tool to greater success!

Why can't I record a voice over myself?

Well, you can. Many people do. However, they are not getting the absolute best out of an important and creative piece of work. If you're working on a media campaign, then the 'voice' is what can sell your product or service. The right tone, the right feel - it all goes towards the make or break when a customer feels they can trust your company. Or not. Get a professional voice A professional voice over artist is trained, sometimes with many years of experience to hone that talent. You know what they say - practice makes perfect! Although David Attenborough probably never saw himself as a 'good voice', you have to admit that when you listen to his voice you are truly drawn in and really listen to what he's saying. The remarkable things with voice over artists are that we are all unique. Like actors, we have our strengths. And that gives you the chance to listen through various promos and hear us all talk. Then you'll get that feeling, that 'vibe' as to what fits your product or service. Give it a try - you won't regret signing up with a professional voice over artist! # voiceover # voicerecording

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